How We Help

Sohohealth’s Compliance Practice is focused on providing highly-experienced managers to support and strengthen our clients’ enterprise compliance framework. Our vision is that compliance should be a business opportunity for improving the organization and make some valuable investment. Our approach is then to provide services that will ultimately unlock new business opportunities for our clients. The regulations we cover include:

  • For Healthcare Payers: HIPAA / IC10 / CMS / MITA / CAHQ
  • For Healthcare Providers: NIAHO / HFAP / OSHA / ACA
  • For Pharmacies: OIG/CIA/IRO


  • How healthcare organizations can go beyond compliance to unlock new business opportunities?
  • Could blockchain be a game-changer for healthcare compliance? How to prepare for this now?

Our Approach

Compliance Program Development

Defining Compliance Program Development to design the best methodology based on your specific needs.

  • Preparing comprehensive up to date policies and procedures based on the best practices we have seen in the industry.
  • Implementing relevant tools and processes that perfectly reply to your problems.
  • Utilizing both the regulatory guidance that is applicable to the health care industry as well as industry benchmarks.
  • Meeting or exceeding OIG expectations, minimizing risk, and protecting your organization.

Compliance Programe Audits

  • Defining a Compliance Program Audit to have an objective analysis of your organization.
  • Performing a “gap analysis” to identify pain points and areas for improvement or
  • Making recommendations to fill the regulatory gaps or data gaps.
  • Providing a detailed report of our findings, and actionable, realistic recommendations

Compliance Investigation

  • Assisting our clients with internal investigations of compliance concerns, as well as responding to investigations